Update Flexbimec GGE April 2019

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I hope everything is oke with you and the company. This email is only to inform you about the latest development of Flexbimec and GGE products. You best solution in trading directly with the manufacturer. I’m not between, but support you to find then the best competitive solutions.



For example, the latest catalogue of GGE. 297 pages of solutions in the Industry and Automotive.

Too much to make a choice for the right equipment. I will help you to make the most competitive choice.



GGE complete catalogue 2017





Example Windshield Washer fluid  (see picture)
Mobile pneumatic windshield washer fluid dispensing kit with stainless steel AISI 304, 65 l – container, consisting of:
– Pneumatic 1:1 – pump, art. no. 1045 
– Stainless steel container with 4 wheels, capacity 65 l, with level indicator;
– 3 m – rubber hose Ø 1/2”;
– Electronic flow meter, with control gun, rigid outlet and inlet swivel 1/2” BSP (M), art. no. 2735;
– Pressure regulator with manometer and condensation water separator, art. no. 7180.


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