IntraSales is looking for you

We are looking for:

IntraSales near to the harbour of Rotterdam with a business definition: Sales, Marketing and Agency consultant

Why we are interested in you?

We want to find companies who have a high-tech solutions to sell, that can increase efficiency and save energy in production processes in construction/machine and other production industry. Is you company interested in (entering the) Benelux/Europe as a (new) market?

I start my company and I’m very ambitious and have a lot of professional experience in the technical field (mechanical) and also marketing and communication skilled. Technical experience in Afterburning systems, Heat and liquid/ air flow equipment at the moment also acting as a Teacher on High educated school for Mechanical Heat and flow science and Material science. For marketing and sales I have international experience industrial business, acting as an agent and penetrating new markets. We need new serious contacts to build my company for long-term. I think you can bring new technologies to Europe. Looking for long-term relations.

Profile of contacts wanted

We are looking for the people who are responsible for exporting to Europe, or want to export to Europe/develop new markets, sales, technical or the owner. Your company is looking for long-term relationship with an agent in the Netherlands.

Sector in relation to our focus branches

Industry, Building, Machine Building and Renewable Energy our focus is technical solutions and equipment for these markets

Products and services offered

We can offer to be your agency in the Benelux or North/Western Europe markets for business area Industry, Building and Renewable Energy. Our focus is technical solutions for these markets (production enhancing solutions: efficiency, durability, etc. of mechanical installations > production process). We can work on commission base and with an agency agreement for specified markets.

Type of our customers, end users

The type of client preferably produces technical products that enhance efficiency, durability of production processes. I am not interested in match-making with companies producing solar or wind energy products. But I am interested in companies that produce solutions that will for example speed up or lessen the use of energy in the production process.

Our Unique selling points

Keywords which I can realize: Persistence, Commercial, driven, giving presentations, a pioneering spirit and ingenuity. The starting point for each day is fair and results oriented business. I study Mechanical in the period of 1986.

Highlights of Skills

  • Selling capital good in different markets as Petrol,- chemical-, food industry Graphic, Packaging and Conveyor related markets. National and international (Europe)
  • Creating and making a Marketing and a Business Plan for the sales department
  • More than 20 years’ experience with customers in a business to business area
  • Creative in finding solutions in sales objective and customer satisfaction
  • Working in the field of bulk, silo and intermediated dry material packaging equipment

Relevant experience

  • Participation on national and international Exhibitions in different markets: maintenance, food, water; automotive and packaging
  • Organize and present product- and sales trainings for groups of more than 15 people
  • Creative in finding the right customers and decisions makers
  • Strategic, constructive purposeful way in working
  • Creating a dealer network for different products
  • Flexible in customer relations. Speaking with directors and people in the workshop is a natural way of working
  • Creative in finding the right customers and decisions makers


We have a lot of experience with several customers just as an example

Export management

Marktverkenning en strategie bepalen voor het exporteren van Speedgates naar Duitsland en Scandinavië

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Business Development Scandinavian Poland

Business Development in Sweden, Denmark. and Poland

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Duitstalig marketingplan

Export Lucht filtratieapparatuur

Marktverkenning en verkoop in een de sector ‘Automotive’ in de landen van de Benelux en van Scandinavië.

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Europees acquisitieplan

Uitwerken van een acquisitieplan voor het benaderen van de Nederlandse- en Duitse markt.

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