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Flexbimec MID AdBlue Unit– Art. no. 6754MID

AdBlue® Pneumatic supply unit, composed by pneumatic piston pump with body in stainless steel art. no. 1045, air separator kit approved according to OIML R117-1art. no. 1150, pump pulsation damper, pressure regulator with manometer and air filter, spring retractable hose-reel with L. 8 m delivery hose ø 1/2” and electronic oval gears flow meter for AdBlue® approved for legal transactions according to MID MI-005

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Flexbimec Hydraulic Valve Program

A complete program of hydraulic components for hydraulic systems.

Non-return -, Pressure relief -, Pressure reduction -, 4-way flow diverter-, Parachute valves.

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GGE Wheel-mounted Filter model DCE/N1/2C

The series of DCE air cleaners is suitable for the suction and

cleaning of air in unforeseeable emplacements, and can

guarantee the filtering of substances of various kinds, even

with small percentage of dusts. DCE air cleaners are used with excellent results for welding fumes, metallic fumes, gases, vapours, odours and low concentration micro-dusts. Thanks to the filtering materials which are used, the dust collecting efficiency reaches a threshold of 99%and, with the use of suitable activated carbons, a total elimination of smells is achieved. Cleaned air is directly recycled in the work environment, with a remarkable energy saving for the heating of rooms.

Complete with:

– internal centrifugal fan kW/rpm 1,5/2800,

– N. 2 Prefilter

– N. 1 High Efficiency pocket filter ht. 700 mm

– N. 1 suction arm Ø150 lg 3200 mm flowrate 1300 m3/h

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